3 persons robbed a mobile phone in Surat and killed a youth with a sharp weapon.

Live scenes of robbery with murder: 3 persons robbed a mobile in Surat, killed a youth with a sharp weapon, the accused escaped on a bike.

An incident of robbery with murder has come to light in Sachin area of ​​Surat. A youth working in a textile factory was attacked by three youths who came to rob a mobile phone and robbed the mobile phone. When the youth resisted, the robbers attacked him with a sharp weapon and escaped on a bike. The entire incident has been captured on CCTV. Following the incident, Sachin Police registered a case of robbery with murder and conducted further investigation on the basis of CCTV.

A shocking case of mobile robbery
The incidents of mobile robbery and mobile snatching are increasing day by day in Surat. Now in common robberies like mobiles, the robbers are carrying out the incident to the point of killing. Then, in the same way, a shocking incident of terror of mobile robbers has once again come to light from Sachin area. In which a worker was killed while resisting the men who came to rob the mobile phone.

The robbers who did not give the mobile attacked
This incident has come to light near Suda sector in Sachin area of ​​Surat. A young man named Sunny Chauhan working in a saree factory was passing by Sachin Hojiwala at Suda sector around 12:30 in the night. Meanwhile, three people came there on a bike and one of the three people tried to steal the mobile phone. However, Sunny resisted and stabbed him in the stomach.

The youth died on the spot
In this incident, Sunny was seriously injured and collapsed there. The robbers inflicted six knife wounds on Sunny and the three men who came on the bike fled from there after snatching the mobile phone. Sunny, who was seriously injured in this incident, died on the spot. After reporting the incident to the police, Sachin police convoy rushed to the spot. On reaching the spot, the police immediately started an investigation and also checked whether the incident was recorded in the CCTV installed nearby. The police have registered a case of robbery with murder in this incident and started investigation into the whole matter.

The entire incident was captured on CCTV
The entire incident was captured on a nearby CCTV camera. In which it was seen that a young man named Sunny was passing on the road and there a man is sitting on a chair. Meanwhile, three people on a bike were trying to snatch the mobile from his hand. Then the young man resisted. Meanwhile, one of the three persons stabs him six times with a knife and later the three persons escape on a bike.

Killed before going to rescue
A young man was attacked by three robbers late at night when a watchman sitting on a chair outside a factory on the road witnessed the incident. It was also clearly seen in the CCTV that the watchmen panicked when the robbers attacked and then called others from the factory to bring sticks or other tools, but before that the robbers stabbed the youth. The robbers escaped on a bike before the watchman came out of the factory.

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The robbers robbed two to three others
In the manner in which a murder occurred in this incident of mobile robbery and then when the police investigated, it was also found that these three robbers had robbed mobile phones not only from this one person but from two to three other persons in the same way. After the youth was killed, two to three others were attacked and robbed of their mobile phones in the same area late at night. At present, the Sachin police have registered a case of robbery with murder against the three persons and have set the wheels in motion to arrest them.

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