🤔 Don’t drink water by mistake after eating this fruit🍌

Health: Do not drink water after eating this fruit even by mistake, know what harm will be caused by this habit 🤔 Don’t drink water Eating fruits is beneficial for health. Every fruit is rich in nutrients. However, there are some rules for eating fruits too. Eating fruits with everything can also cause harm. Especially … Read more

 કનઝંક્ટીવાઈટીસ આંખની Viral Bimari

Hello friend, how are you? Today I have brought you work information and health related information. Friends, there is no need to be afraid of this viral virus that is seen in the eyes in our Gujarat. If brought for then you will get its complete information in this cell (કનઝંક્ટીવાઈટીસ) Also read ⭕GSRTC કંડકટર … Read more