Caller Name Announcer


Caller Name Announcer is an app that announces the name of the person calling you. This means you can know almost immediately if you want to pick up the phone or not.


The app comes with various options to let you customize your experience. For example, you can set the maximum number of times the name is repeated, or choose whether you want to only hear the names of saved contacts or all callers.


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One of the most interesting features of the app is the silent mode. If you have your phone on vibrate, it won’t announce any callers. This is a good option to have, although you can also set it so the name of the caller is always announced, even if the phone is on silent.

Caller Name Announcer is a very useful app that lets you instantly know who’s calling, without having to look at your smartphone.

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Caller Name

Key features

Caller ID

Show who is calling.

Identify unknown phone calls.

Detailed call summary after every call.

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Call announcer.

SMS announcer.

WhatsApp announcer.

Many more are coming soon

Announcement Settings

Turn off the announcement for specific contacts.

Option to announce fake name instead of real name.

Works in all modes (Ring, Silent, Vibrate).

Works with any TTS (Text to Speech) engine.

Announces in various languages (TTS supported).

Set different volumes for calls, SMS, and WhatsApp.

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Flashlight Alerts

Flash will blink on call, SMS, and notification.

Option to change flash blinking pattern.

Gestures (Shake, Power Button) to stop flash.

Flash alerts are automatically closed when there is a low battery.

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Common FAQs
Q: How accurate is the Caller Name Announcer?

The accuracy of the announcement depends on the completeness of your contacts’ information. If your contacts are well-organized, the accuracy will be high.

Q: Can I customize the voice of the announcement?

Yes, many smartphones allow you to choose from a range of voices and languages for the announcements.

Q: Does it work in different languages?

Absolutely, Caller Name Announcers are often designed to work in multiple languages, catering to a diverse user base.

Q: Is the feature battery-intensive?

Caller Name Announcers generally use minimal battery since the announcement is a brief action.

Q: Can I turn off the Caller Name Announcer for specific contacts?

Yes, you can usually customize the feature to exclude specific contacts if desired.


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