3rd incident of rape in 3 days

3rd incident of rape in 3 days: In Rajkot, a man raped a 5-year-old girl by taking her to a factory by luring her with chocolate, the accused claimed to be a minor.

In the last three days, there have been three incidents of rape in Rajkot. Today, a complaint has been registered that a man has committed a crime by taking a five-year-old girl to a factory by luring her with chocolate. A man working in a factory in Udyognagar, behind the passport office on Gondal Road in the city and originally from Gonda district of Uttar Pradesh, took a five-year-old girl to the factory on the pretext of giving her chocolates. Later, the child was raped in the factory itself. Later, in the police interrogation, the accused has claimed to be a minor.

Police detained the accused
After the incident, the girl came home crying and told the entire details to the family. Hence, the family informed the police and the division police rushed. The police have registered a case against this person under POCSO and have detained the suspect and are conducting further investigation.

Police investigation to get proof of age of the accused
In this incident, the Divisional Police has registered a case under sections of IPC 376 and POCSO against the person of UP on the complaint of the mother of the five-year-old girl victim. He says that the person who committed the crime is also a minor, but since he does not have any supporting evidence, the police are trying to get proof of his age and conduct a medical examination.

Bala went to play with Podashi’s daughter
The complainant told the police that we were at home in the evening when my five-year-old daughter went out of the house asking to play with the neighbor’s daughter. After a few minutes my daughter came crying. So what happened to me? Did someone get hit or what? We were shocked when the daughter pointed to her private part and said that it was getting irritated while asking such questions.

Guptabhag appeared like red copper
On examination we found that the leggies worn by the daughter were torn and her private part looked like red chambha. So what happened to our daughter? On asking, he said that the boy working in the factory took me on the pretext of giving me chocolates and took me to the putha factory and made me lie on the floor and abused me. As soon as the daughter told this fact, we called the male member of the house and after informing the police on 100 number, the police car came.

The police took Hawaskhor into custody
A Division Police Station PI K.N. Bhukan, PSI B. H. Along with Parmar, a crime was registered and Hawaskhor was taken into custody. However. The police will attempt to produce the person in juvenile court as he claims to be a minor. Also will take action to get proof of his age.

Accused was in labor a few days ago
This person was working in a factory only a few days ago. At the time of the incident, there was no one in the factory, he mutilated the body of the innocent girl. After this incident, there has been a stir and people are hurling abuses at Hawaskhor.

Yesterday there was an incident of rape with a student of class 9
Yesterday, a 16-year-old girl studying in class 9 in Rajkot was called home by her father’s friend and raped. In this incident, she narrated the story of pain to her mother while suffering from stomach pain. After which the police lodged an FIR in the Women’s Police and arrested the accused under the section of Rape and Pox.

ગુજરાતીમા વાચવા માટે અહી ક્લીક કરો

On the 10th, the rape of the professor’s wife came to light
On April 10, a complaint was registered that a man named Arun Joshi, who was working in a mobile shop while working in a reputed college in Rajkot city, befriended the professor’s wife, blackmailed her for 8 consecutive years by blackmailing her by sending a nude photo of the professor’s wife. Six days ago, when Naradham sent a message on the woman’s mobile phone, the message was read by the professor husband, and the matter reached the Gandhigram police. Following this, on the basis of the FIR, the police arrested the accused Arun Joshi and took legal action.

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