Calls from unknown numbers on WhatsApp will be automatically silent, WhatsApp has released a new cool feature

WhatsApp has released a cool feature to get rid of calls from unknown numbers. Now calls from unknown numbers can be automatically silenced on WhatsApp. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself announced this on Tuesday. Zuckerberg said in his announcement that WhatsApp has introduced a new feature to automatically silence calls from unknown numbers.

What is the new feature of WhatsApp?

This feature has been introduced as a new privacy feature of WhatsApp. According to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, this feature will help avoid calls from unknown numbers. He said that with the help of the new feature, calls from unknown numbers can be silenced automatically.

This is how the new feature will work

However users will get its notification and users can see this call in the app’s call list if they want. Let us tell you that recently there were many complaints about WhatsApp spam calls in India. It means now we are going to get rid of these calls.

This is how the new feature will work

To use WhatsApp’s new privacy feature, you need to open your WhatsApp app.
Now from here tap on the i button to go to settings and tap on privacy option.
Here you will find the new feature of ‘Calls’ third from the bottom.
Now tap on the calls option and turn on the ‘Silence unknown callers’ option.
After this the feature will be activated. You will get a notification only when you receive a call from an unknown number.
You can view these calls at any time in the Calls tab.

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