Stormy forecast of Ambalal regarding વરસાદ આગાહી

hello friends how are you are you well? There is good news for the farmers of the state. Friends, the big engagement of weather expert Ambalal Patel regarding the rains, while the farmers in the rain-draining states are in trouble, Ambalal Patel has predicted that two systems will be activated in September, due to which there will be a change in the weather in Gujarat at the beginning of September and along with 10 It may also rain in Gujarat in September (Stormy forecast)

#🌨વરસાદ મુદ્દે અંબાલાલની તોફાની આગાહી

Stormy forecast

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Ambalal Patel Gujarat Rain Prediction: After record-breaking rains in July, Gujarat saw a decline in rainfall, barring scattered showers in August. Along with this, the world has also become worried.

In August, the rains seemed to go away with a clap of hands. But the month of September will not go blank. The forecast for the month of September has arrived.

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According to the forecast of Meteorologist Ambalal, Gujarat will receive rain again. Two systems will form which can bring good rains to Gujarat. Rains are likely to occur in Gujarat in early September and thereafter around September 10. Ambalal Patel predicted that a heavy Gajab system is forming over the Bay of Bengal.

This system is likely to be activated from September 4 to 10. Because of this, heavy rains may occur in other parts of the country such as Orissa, Jharkhand and eastern parts during September 4 to 6-7. Flooding is also predicted in some parts.

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According to Ambalal Patel, due to this system there may be a change in the weather in Gujarat in the beginning of September itself. Thus, there will be a possibility of rain in Gujarat from the beginning of September and then from September 7 to 10.

According to meteorologist Ambalal Patel, a system is also forming over the Arabian Sea. According to him, a system is forming over the Arabian Sea from 10 to 14 in September.

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Due to these two systems there will be possibility of rain in Gujarat. Apart from this, heavy to very heavy rains are likely to occur in Madhya Pradesh. Some parts of Gujarat may also experience rain.

Rain will also be likely in parts of North Gujarat, Central Gujarat and East Gujarat. There will be a possibility of rain in the areas of Panchmahal, Central Gujarat. Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar may also experience rain. According to him, rain may increase in South Gujarat.

According to him, the drainage of this rain will be very good. He also said that the eastern parts of the country could be affected. #🌨 Stormy forecast of Ambalal due to rain

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