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Positive:- Favorable time is going on, keep your confidence. The hard work done for a specific purpose is to get the right result. The house will have a festive atmosphere with the arrival of guests and discussions on special issues.


Negative:- Keep your financial situation in order. As the sources of income increase, so will the expenditure situation. Therefore, it is necessary to follow a budget.


Business:- There will be some challenges in business, but you will be able to use your potential.

Love:- Cooperating in family activities will lead to a peaceful atmosphere.

Health:- Current circumstances and stress can overwhelm the mind due to overload.

Lucky Color- Green

Lucky Number- 5


Positive:- The time is favorable for implementing any particular plan of yours. Students will get success in competitive tasks. Some time should be spent in religious and spiritual activities

Negative:- This is the time to make efforts to complete your stalled tasks. Don’t waste your time on phone or hanging out with friends.

Business:- Try to handle any business related work by yourself. This may sometimes bring some new responsibility on you, which is not meant for you.

It will also be beneficial

Love:- The atmosphere of the house will be sweet and cordial.

Health:- Health will be good. But fatigue will prevail due to over-engagement

Lucky Color- Yellow

Lucky Number- 9


Positive:- There will be engagement in social activities. Apart from the daily routine, make time for yourself today. With this you will again feel new energy and freshness inside.

Negative:- Control your anger and passion in adverse circumstances. Resurfacing of an old issue can create a tense atmosphere.

Business:- Business activities will continue smoothly. If starting a new job

There will be sweetness in love-marital relations. Closeness will increase in love relationships.

Health:- Keep food and daily routine in order.

Lucky Color- Red

Lucky Number- 6


Positive:- Spending most of the time with family members will bring relaxation and relaxation, important policies will be made regarding future plans. Experiences of seniors should be imbibed.

Negative:- The situation will be a little unfavorable in the afternoon. So be patient, youths are worried about their career and future instead of having fun.

Occupation:- Some kind of problem may arise due to labor in workplace. But instead of getting angry, solve problems peacefully.

Love:- The efforts of husband and wife will create a pleasant atmosphere and positive energy in the house

Health:- Gas, indigestion can cause upset stomach.

Lucky Color- Blue

Lucky number-1

the lion

Positive:- Change your work routine and stay organized, work capacity will be stronger. Children’s career problems will be solved with the help of an important person.

Negative:- Some adverse situations will arise. Control your anger and passion in case of any dispute. It is advisable to postpone any travel related program at this time.

Business:- Business needs to be worked on very seriously, make sure to rethink your expansion plans at this time.

Love:- Your cooperation is necessary to maintain the family environment in order.

Health:- Regular routine and diet will improve your health.

Lucky Color- Orange

Lucky Number- 9

the bride

Positive- Your positive and balanced thinking has been going on for some time now, problems will definitely be resolved.

Negative:- Try to solve any problem peacefully. Wrong advice from a friend or close person can cause trouble for you.

Business- Improving business activities with an experienced person, don’t rely too much on financial matters

Love:- All family members will give happiness and peace to close friends or relatives. There will be a meeting with a love partner.

Health:- Cough, cold and fever may persist due to change in weather. Also be aware of your health.

Lucky Color- Orange

Lucky Number- 7


Positive:- Some people will create obstacles but ignore rumors and focus on tasks.

Negative:- There may be some hurdles in work. There will also be busyness in futile activities. Instead of worrying about problems, try to find solutions

Business:- It is not advisable to implement business expansion plans.

Love:- There will be an atmosphere of excitement about an event in home and married life, there will be proper harmony in relationships.

Health:- Negligence towards health can also make you sick.

Lucky Color- Orange

Lucky number-1


Positive:- Instead of getting carried away by emotions, act smartly and sensibly. It is possible to get back the stuck money. Any concern related to the child’s career or education will be addressed.

Negative:- Haste and anger can spoil the situation, control unnecessary expenses and watch your budget.

Business:- In business you need to adapt your work schedule according to time.

Love:- Family arrangement will be pleasant and harmonious.

Health:- There may be concern regarding the health of a member of the family.

Lucky Color- Orange

Lucky number-1


Positive:- The current planetary position is giving you amazing strength. But it also depends on your ability to use it well.

Negative:- Circumstances can get out of hand by overthinking. So make a quick decision and start working

Business:- Negative attitude of employee at workplace is bothering you. People connected with the fields of commission, consultancy, computer science may get some important achievement.

Love:- Husband and wife will maintain proper order in the house with mutual harmony.

Health- There will be indigestion and loss of appetite due to upset stomach

Lucky Color – Cream

Lucky number-1


Positive:- Expect to believe in your karma. Follow your heart instead of consulting others, you will surely make the right decision.

Negative:- If there is a court related case going on, take it seriously, find a solution instead of stressing over small matters.

Business:- New experiments in working methods will prove beneficial for you. A partnership plan is being made

Love:- There will be proper harmony between husband and wife. You will also get a chance to meet your love partner.

Health:- Digestive system becomes weak due to negligence towards our daily routine.

Lucky Color- Yellow

Lucky Number- 8


Positive:- The arrival of close relatives in the house will create a happy atmosphere. Shopping for items related to family amenities etc. can also be done.

Negative:- It is necessary to control the unnecessary expenses. Focus more on career instead of wasting time in youth group fun

Business:- There may be problems related to employees at work place, the best sum of progress is made for persons doing government service.

Love:- Some stressful situation will be created in the house

Health:- There will be problems like nerve and joint pain.

Lucky Color- Red

Lucky Number- 3


Positive:- Stay in touch with positive and experienced people, your experience will increase.

Negative:- Contributing and attending social functions which may affect your prestige.

Business:- Do not expect much profit in business at this moment. Because now the situation is going to remain the same.

Love:- There will be peaceful arrangement in the house.

Health- Check your regular blood pressure etc. Diabetic patients should be especially careful.

Lucky Colour- Sky Blue

Lucky Number- 5


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