What is DigiLocker? How safe is it?

What Is DigiLocker – Due to the increasing use of net nowadays, the government has also taken the goal of digitalizing everything. Especially Modi ji has started a revolution of Digital India. In which everything goes, whether it is a government scheme, bank payments are making everyone digital. In this episode, some time ago the … Read more

ઉનાળામાં શેરડીનો રસ પિતા પહેલા આટલું જાણી લો!

Know sugarcane juice in summer before father! These people should not even lay hands SUGARCANE JUICE: Sugarcane is a good product for the body. It increases your energy level in many ways. Improves liver function, helps fight cancer but also has some disadvantages. So know who should avoid sugarcane juice? Sun has been given the … Read more

Instagram par followairs kaise badhaaye

Instagram par followairs kaise badhaaye :आप Instagram के लिए content planning और बनाने में घंटों बिताते हैं। “share” हिट करने के बाद एक brief moment के लिए, दुनिया के साथ सब ठीक है। आपको विश्वास है कि आपने कुछ बेहतरीन प्रकाशित किया है।फिर, Radio silence.या आपके मुट्ठी भर Followers से कुछ लाइक और कमेंट। लेकिन अगर … Read more

Vivo T2 5G Confirmed to Launch With 64-Megapixel Main Camera

Vivo launches ‘Vivo T2 5G’ smartphone in India: 6.38 inch full HD+ AMOLED display launched with Snapdragon 695 processor, price starts at 17 thousand Chinese smartphone company Vivo has launched the mid-range smartphone ‘Vivo T2 5G’ on Tuesday (April 11). The company has provided a 45000mAH battery with 44W fast charging in this smartphone launched … Read more